Client Testimonials

Awesome Lawyer

Posted by anonymous
September 24, 2017

Attorney John is a very professional person. he was able to walk me through what we were going to do to get my case dismissed. he was so nice in being reasonable with his fees, he even paid for my breakfast meal at a local cafe by the court house. he helped me get my case resolved in a professional manner. he was so easy to reach whenever i needed to speak to him. I would defiantly recommend Mr. John Webb.

Amazing Lawyer

Posted by Korey
July 13, 2017

Case dismissed. I was facing a dui and open container. John Webb's attention to detail and knowledge of the courthouse made all the difference. The moment I mentioned this attorney's name I saw the respect in the judge's eyes. I have much gratitude but moreso respect for this man.

Excellent service

Posted by Avante
June 14, 2017

John P. Webb is 1 of the best an most accurate lawyer that I have worked with. Definitely will be my go to guy If ever I have a problem. I'm more than satisfied with what has been accomplished by him. He can do the unthinkable an is also great friends with many judges an DAs. Sometimes it's not what you know it's who you know, an he definitely knows his way around a court room an the people working there. Great Attorney!!!

Best Lawyer in Nashville

Posted by Quisha
May 9, 2017

John is a powerhouse attorney that delivers exceptional results. He handled my case with precision and impeccable attention to detail which resulted in a flawless outcome. His track record for getting justice served speaks for itself. I appreciate him getting my case dismissed in such a timely manner with little to no effort on my behalf. John is fearless and is not afraid to take on a challenge and nail it! No matter what size the case, John is the perfect guy for the job!!

criminal case Attorney John Webb

Posted by Jennifer
March 24, 2016

Attorney John Webb represented my husband in a criminal case with theft of property. The outcome was in our favor and dismissed. John had compassion to our needs and he worked very hard to make this a successful outcome. I would recommend him to anyone.