Your First Meeting With Us

At the law office of John P. Webb, we will defend you against all criminal charges. One of our goals is to help you understand the charges you face and what steps we can take to reduce or prevent those charges from impacting your life.

We provide personal attention and honest advice about your situation. We know everyone makes mistakes. We are here to help you move forward with the rest of your life. Our law firm is in Brentwood, and we represent individuals throughout Williamson County and Rutherford County in Tennessee.

What To Expect At Our First Meeting

What happens when you meet with a criminal defense attorney at our firm? Here's what you can expect:

We will get to know you, learn about the charges you are facing and hear your side of the story. We will listen to you to understand your fears, concerns and general questions about your case.

Once we understand what you are facing, we will explain the criminal process so you know what to expect in your case. This can be a scary process. Our goal is to ease your fears by educating you about the process, what to expect along the way and what we can do to protect you.

We will explain what to expect when you go to court, what steps we are taking and provide a long-term view of how your case is going. Our personal service and attention to detail help us explain what is happening in your case while creating a plan to protect your future.

We will always keep you informed about the status of your case and are available to answer your and your family's questions in a confidential environment.

Schedule A Free Consultation To See How We Can Help You

You do not have to go through this alone. Our lawyer will be there to help you at every stage. Learn more about our criminal defense practice and how we can help you.

Do not wait to talk about your case in a safe and confidential environment. Schedule a free consultation by contacting us online or calling 615-647-5762.